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US-2006043037-A1: Packaging bags and display racks and methods for displaying the packaging bags patent, US-2006060286-A1: Method for repairing steel-reinforced concrete structure patent, US-2006110370-A1: Treatments for reduction of cytotoxicity and viral contamination of implantable medical devices patent, US-2006190055-A1: Minimally invasive methods for locating an optimal location for deep brain stimulation patent, US-2007008850-A1: Apparatus and method of optically recording data patent, US-2008078983-A1: Layer structures comprising chalcogenide materials patent, US-2008141830-A1: Cork Extractor patent, US-2008223865-A1: Device for Delivering Fuel Out of a Fuel Tank patent, US-2009089152-A1: Distributed live multimedia monetization mechanism and network patent, US-2009120147-A1: Enhanced fertilizer and method for producing same patent, US-2003208920-A1: Product contact sensor for an article handler patent, US-2003224279-A1: Carrier for developer for developing electrostatic latent image, developer using same and image forming method using same patent, US-2004031720-A1: Lunch carrier with interchangeable graphics patent, US-2004047082-A1: Method to make abutted junction GMR head without lead shunting patent, US-2004222742-A1: Plasma display panel patent, US-2005128131-A1: Friend/foe identification system for a battlefield patent, US-2005281892-A1: Anti-tumor composition patent, US-2007004768-A1: Hiv-integrase inhibitors, pharmaceutical compositions and methods for their use patent, US-2007149226-A1: Controlling reconfiguration in a cellular communication system patent, US-2007292469-A1: Antimicrobial composition patent, US-2008038591-A1: Fuel storage device capable of detecting liquid level patent, US-2008092488-A1: Packaging System and Method patent, US-2008230961-A1: Method for producing a multi-chamber syringe with a by-pass channel patent, US-2008280566-A1: Wireless communication apparatus with built-in channel emulator/noise generator patent, US-2008312724-A1: Spinal and Upper Cervical Impulse Treatment and Device patent, US-2009024456-A1: Casino operations management system patent, US-2009159618-A1: Dispensing and/or dosing system including an improved throat plug assembly patent, US-2010046986-A1: Belt having a meandering prevention guide and image forming apparatus having the same patent, US-2010049156-A1: Non-collapsible and non-foldable container for lyophilization of a product patent, US-2004080581-A1: Micro-electromechanical fluid ejection device having a chamber that is volumetrically altered for fluid ejection patent, US-2004265608-A1: Biaxially oriented polyester film and laminates thereof with copper patent, US-2005056363-A1: Thermal contact-bonding method and thermal contact-bonding apparatus patent, US-2006062700-A1: Low cost, easy to manufacture scent dispersing mat apparatus patent, US-2006188178-A1: Packaging container consisting of a plastic film patent, US-2006286490-A1: Methods of making templates for use in imprint lithography and related structures patent, US-2008159856-A1: Guide vane and method of fabricating the same patent, US-2008167045-A1: Service handover control apparatus using an end-to-end service handover and method using the apparatus patent, US-2008171039-A1: Compositions Against Cancer Antigen Liv-1 and Uses Thereof patent, US-2008241441-A1: Overmolding of a tube head on a skirt end to give a tube with a high restitution rate patent, US-2009162082-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2009243181-A1: Processing of stacks of sheets of securities into bundles and packs of bundles patent, US-2010002313-A1: Method and apparatus providing singlet wafer lens system with field flattener patent, US-2004006889-A1: Shoe having a lid for covering a drain hole patent, US-2005138271-A1: Rotational use of memory to minimize write cycles patent, US-2006059380-A1: Information processing apparatus and power supply control method patent, US-2006259975-A1: Method and system for protecting digital media from illegal copying patent, US-2007012973-A1: Semiconductor device having MIM capacitor and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2008120492-A1: Hardware flow control monitor patent, US-2008223093-A1: Self Adjusting Lock System And Method patent, US-2009165939-A1: Method of manufacturing a complex including a support layer having a specific texture patent, US-2009200389-A1: Safety Device for a Train patent, US-2009210156-A1: Efficient use of expected user altitude data to aid in determining a position of a mobile station patent, US-3946507-A: Label for use on containers for photographic film or the like patent, US-2009213459-A1: Contact lens for three dimensional visualization patent, US-2004150688-A1: Measuring laser light transmissivity in a to-be-welded region of a work piece patent, US-2004226699-A1: Compositions for reducing atmosheric oxidising pollutants patent, US-2005041261-A1: Printer having image correcting capability patent, US-2005044866-A1: Boosted air source heat pump patent, US-2005264792-A1: High contrast projection patent, US-2006106143-A1: Silica-reinforced rubber compounded with blocked mercaptosilanes and alkyl alkoxysilanes patent, US-2006107950-A1: Thermal retention patient hood patent, US-2007223342-A1: Substrate Processing Method and Substrate Processing Apparatus patent, US-2008196593-A1: Espresso maker and method patent, US-2009246469-A1: Resin composition for laser engraving, image forming material, relief printing plate precursor for laser engraving, relief printing plate, and method of manufacturing relief printing plate patent, US-2010005178-A1: Method and system for firewall friendly real-time communication patent, US-2005009320-A1: Method of forming silicon carbide films patent, US-2006248493-A1: FPGA with hybrid interconnect patent, US-2006284980-A1: Testing a vertical blanking interval signal patent, US-2007024923-A1: Image reader patent, US-2009083322-A1: Content scheduling for fantasy gaming patent, US-2009106304-A1: Situation recognition for recommendation using merge-split approach patent, US-2010077629-A1: Liquid storage container and clothes dryer having the same patent, US-2010098483-A1: Capacitor Discharge Weld for Connecting Tubular Twist Beam Profiles to Cast Trailing Arm Via Adapter Ring patent, US-2004258838-A1: Method for preserving wood materials using precipitated copper compounds patent, US-2007113633-A1: Leak check apparatus for fuel vapor processing apparatus patent, US-2004102460-A1: Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors patent, US-2005077043-A1: Well stimulation tool an method for inserting a backpressure plug through a mandrel of the tool patent, US-2005230160-A1: Power supply apparatus for vehicle patent, US-2006161947-A1: Method and apparatus for customizing messaging within a cable system patent, US-2007042791-A1: Presence and availability management over a public communication network patent, US-2007159061-A1: Novel device structure for OLED lighting devices patent, US-2008029378-A1: Plunger Switch patent, US-2008185550-A1: Continuous stroke pneumatic tool with ball valve patent, US-2008302021-A1: Lock and seal system for sliding doors patent, US-2009158268-A1: Software Distribution Method and System patent, US-2009325110-A1: Reliable ignition of hot oxygen generator patent, US-2005182483-A1: Percutaneously placed prosthesis with thromboresistant valve portion patent, US-2005208729-A1: Methods of forming a double-sided capacitor or a contact using a sacrificial structure and semiconductor device precursor structures to a double-sided capacitor or a contact patent, US-2005281688-A1: Valve apparatus and pneumatically driven diaphragm pump incorporating same patent, US-2006216479-A1: Two-shot, co-injected trim panel patent, US-2006277455-A1: Recommendatory information provision system patent, US-2007108161-A1: Chamber components with polymer coatings and methods of manufacture patent, US-2010058405-A1: Systems and Methods for Distributing Video on Demand patent, US-2004140174-A1: Automatic clutch control device patent, US-2004256215-A1: Sputtering chamber liner patent, US-2006095412-A1: System and method for presenting search results patent, US-2008245017-A1: Modular system and method for constructing structures with improved resistance to extreme environmental conditions and components thereof patent, US-2009320296-A1: Hair trimmer blade unit patent, US-2004103041-A1: Lead distribution system patent, US-2004136010-A1: Method and apparatus for obtaining geometrical data relating to the ear canal of the human body patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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